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Our commitment is you...

The Institute of Neuropsychological Healthcare, PLLC, provides educational seminars as part of our commitment to the healthy development of our communities and the spirit of disseminating, informing, and educating.
Through these outreach programs, our primary goal is to find ways to help increase the accessibility of services to those more vulnerable and all populations. Therefore, contributing to strengthening our communities and enhancing the quality of live and mental health. Some of the groups available at the moment are:
Impact of COVID-19
  • Impact of COVID-19 in healthcare professionals and "Essential Workers."
  • Anxiety, depression, and how it relates to COVID-19.
  • Helping caregivers and family members understand the emotional and behavioral impact of dementia and ways to cope.
  • Learning coping strategies to process and manage grief and traumatic loss.
*Limited spaces available.
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